Cuckold Training

First thing is first and the most important CHASTITY!!! get his little cock under control. Start slowly keep it locked up for a short period at a time and slowly work your way to weeks,months and in some cases years.

Allow him pleasure for obedience's but pain for punishment, start him out small on sissification like panties nail polish wigs and make up and work your way up to full time dressing like a woman. Get control of his testosterone levels remember when a man cums his level rises so controlling this is a big help, start HRT (hormone reversal therapy) these are female hormone supplements to reverse the testosterone level in a male body. here is a web page in more detail on the subject. I used 100mg Spiro and 2,5mg Estrofem on him for 2 years the above picture is the results before his operation he had breast and hid little cock did not work anymore.

also look at this

remember a lot of changes are reversible when stopping the HRT but some are permanent so be prepared for this.

Reversible changes

  • Decreased libido
  • Redistribution of body fat
  • Reduced muscle development
  • Various skin changes
  • Significantly reduced body hair
  • Change in body odor and sweat production
  • Less prominence of veins
  • Ocular changes
  • Reduced gonadal size

Irreversible changes

  • Breast development
  • Enlarged nipples and areolae
  • Stretch marks (for some)
For me I went further my cuck husband grew to only expect sex from guys so I had him go through with a complete sex change now he is a woman and I love it I have my best friend without having to have sex with him ever again.

Have your cuck do more domestic chores like house work child care anything you can think of to give you more time to go out with your bulls. Start training him to be your personal slave to help you get ready for dates washing you even get him to wipe you up after you go to the bathroom. Humiliation is the key

Humiliation training this is fun for you and you can take it to levels you can only imagine. the most humiliating thing a wife can do to a husband is to spit or piss on him make fun of his little dick even in public ( say something like hey get your small pathetic useless dick over here) make him carry your purse when you go  shopping use him as a model ( hold clothes up to him or like with perfume spray him with it to see if you like the smell.)
Humiliate him in front of other men have him stand there while you talk with them let the other men know your unsatisfied with his small dick ( sorry if I sound bitchy but you would be bitchy too if you had a small dicked husband)
Have him wear panties in public with loose pants and pull his pants down call him a little sissy.
Be cruel remember you despise his cock so make sure you punish him a lot for it. call him names torture his cock and balls.